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An Author gets access to the service of data interpretation for methodics based on a block that is a mathematical algorithm.It will allow forming templates, questionnaires, and visualize results, and at the end, it creates API of methodics on the basis of which an Entrepreneur of IT-developer can create a product.Thus, the results of the analysis will become transparent, impersonal and available for verification.Human Discovery Platform will facilitate the interaction of Authors of methodics and their sponsors as well as Entrepreneurs.This article first compares the business- and data-oriented perspectives to describe how the two views mesh with each other.It then presents three elements in the data-oriented perspective that are collectively referred to as the data triad: (1) use, (2) design and storage, and (3) processes and people.An Author can be sure that methodic will not be used otherwise than described in the contract, and that the platform will not increase bills for use to the extent that it becomes unprofitable.Advantages for Human Science are that thanks to decentralized architecture, it will become possible to collect large scopes of data about human behavior but without binding to some service that can go bankrupt or close at any level. A Consumer receives a certain number of HD-tokens at registration and subsequently pays with them for the platform services.

HDP is a decentralized system for creation of complex methodics of a human personality analysis powered by blockchain that will give an impulse to the industry of personalized digital products in self-improvement and related industries.Token sale is over now and we have to accept that ICO has failed to raise minimum amount.We are officially announcing that we will return coins to everyone who has contributed to the project.Using several Authors' blocks, one can create methodics of any complexity.For example, an Author can translate his/her methodic into another language by placing a translation block in front of a block of his/her methodic.

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