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I have the book, but I have not found more than a very few of the programs in computer source form.I am still looking for the games, or a better OCR program to convert the book form to computer form.The object was to hit the switch under it at just the right time, and turn the light off. Get all the lights out, and, well, you ran out of interesting things to do rapidly. It soon became known that if you bought a little extra memory, and an I/O device, and got hold of a thing called a "Basic interpreter" you could reach the next level in computerdom (and limits on your credit card). Original Basic programs from this time are hard to find now, even on the Internet.Of course, using a computer stripped of its essence like this is somewhat like buying an engine, starting it up on the garage floor and marveling at it. Now, with an ASR-33 clanking away next to the blue box, and that Basic tape, probably borrowed from a friend, you were ready to sign on. The media on which they were kept was either lost, destroyed, or more likely, simply belonged to an obsolete computer or media type that was thrown out at the end of its life.

Unfortunately, the programs in the book had been reproduced from listings made on a dot matrix printer, and attempts to OCR it yielded nothing but garbage.

In some cases, this results in errors that were in the original program being left in.

Occasionally, it was necessary to fix errors in the source because the programs would not even load, such as missing quotes, which many Basics will not allow.

ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1216195541&sr=1-2 At the time of this writing, it has 17 copies available, starting at 41 cents, so it is reasonable any way you want it.

In some of the games, it helps decidedly to have the original description from the book, which has details the program does not.

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That fact usually brings yawns until you note that this was where Microsoft got their start, beginning with a couple of college drop outs and ending. Passed from hand to hand, copied without a care, even from the writers of the programs themselves. [1] To be fair, the "golden age" of simple line oriented basic started in 1964, with the Dartmouth timeshare system, and continued though minicomputer Basics.

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