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You can use superpowers to get your profile shown more in encounters as well for a couple bucks if you click on "increase" next to your popularity meter.

[attachment=3753] That's the DR after a couple days and 10 bucks 100 want to meet. Problem in Riga is that the girls don't seem to use encounters. Problem in Riga is that the girls don't seem to use encounters.

As somebody mentioned the chat is more like an email and even if a girl is online nearly all the time,no guarantee she'll answer.

I already complete blew it up with one girl by being an impatient fuck.

My goal is not to blast random girls but message ones who already saw my profile.Does this mean not a single person I messaged has even looked at my profile? Don't count your eggs before they've hatched dude with these badoo numbers. I'm currently at 3 responses for 40, but conversation is SLOW. Am I supposed to be treating it like e-mail where messages are longer?I'm not a male model or anything, but I'm decent looking (like a 6-7) and in shape. I tried to do the "super power" bullshit, but Pay Pal rejected the transaction for whatever reason and I don't want to give Badoo my credit card directly because their pay page doesn't use SSL (this is bad). Badoo isn't a bad way at all, but even if a girl gives you her number you'll have a high flake rate, especially if you're not into giving girls second chances after flaking. Or do I basically push for the number/meet as soon as the basics are out of the way.Start getting their phone numbers 1 or 2 weeks before you travel.Start video calling online 1 week before with the girls that show the most interest. Say you want to learn about their culture, practice their language, try their food, business opportunity, or whatever.

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