Dating to diapers

You've never been changed by one girl, let alone two giggling girls from next door, but you don't really have a choice now do you? Call the cops & tell them they found your diapers & now you need them kicked out? She quickly whips the blanket off to show your Dl APERS!DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW Your new GF Jade comes in when you accidentally left the door open and fell asleep... You even have your diaper bag beside the couch so she starts pulling stuff out of it.DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW Mommy Lynn is a sexy busty milf who is a very sweet, soft and loving AB mommie!!

She has all that and puts you in the panties, dress and then pulls out a nice pink TUTU for you to wear plus lipstick and a bonnet...

As soon as they get home, CHeyenne puts DJ over her knees for an OTK spanking til his tushy is red!

She makes him get on the bed and takes off his big boy pants (which are thankfully dry!

She drags him to Changing Times Diaper Co (located in Las Vegas, NV) where Mommy Missy greats them & shows her different adult diaper products, plastic pants etc.

DJ throws a fit so Cheyenne has to grab him by the ears and threaten a spanking.

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), putting him in a thick cushy dry disposable diaper!!!

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