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It breaks my heart that there are resources available but you have to battle constantly to get them.

16/02/2011 Ros Allen Hi, If anyone is in any doubt about the benefits of touch-typing, they should read 'Dyslexia in Secondary Education' by Jenny Coogan.

She has just started with extra tutoring with a specialist teacher 1 hour aweek, and we have been to the doctor to get a referral for the o/t.

I am waiting for a meeting with her primary school teacher to see how they are going to help her. Would you say my daughter could start using her laptop now in primay school or should we try and encourage her to write ?

I have arrange to meet the senco co-ordinator at the secondary school we have applied for. 07/11/2011 Leigh my son is 9years old and over the past three weeks been allowed to use a computer in school to do his work on, I can't begin to tell you the difference it has made. AUSTRALIA Im a dad with a 16 y old boy with Damp ie dyspraxia and ADHD.

He now goes to school with a smile and is enjoying doing his work, it has given him so much confidence . i wont go into all the problems he has had getting a laptop or at school, its more to let you know that if your child can touch type in Australia, they wont be able to use a laptop in the year 12 exams as i got told today by the curriculum council who make the decision on what children with Disabilities are aloud.

He has very superior levels of verbal comprehension and Perceptual reasoning.

One of main problems identified were is exceptional slow writing speed (11 wpm.

We've asked school if he can extra help in classes as he is really struggling with the level that they are teaching him at but they have fobbed us off.. Could anyone recommend any advice of what help is available for him? This way we could help the children to take up their exams without any frustration.We have also bought him Wordshark 4 (a hefty 65 from White Space).It has hundreds of spelling lists, games, is good for ADHD children as the graphics are pretty simple.The report was forwarded to the school and he began to use a laptop full time at the beginning of this year.It has been a complete disaster, he has been given no guidance from the school in this regard. I was called by the school last week to go an see the Headmaster to be informed they are not able to offer him a place next term due to his attitude and approach to his studies and low grades.

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