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You need to create a body of professionals who can develop their role in the different areas, and to achieve this goal, the program is not content with a comprehensive view of doctoral theses, books and research papers collected since 1996 with the assistance, joint work and exchange with other professors from foreign universities, but also with the application of positive Graphoanalysis in the sense of working with real cases where it has all the documented history, in order not to give any chance of confusion in the student with possible speculation untested.

It is proposed as a professionalizing program to issue legal opinions or expert reports.

In any relationship, the more understanding of each other, the more chance of success. By using the accurate and reliable science of Handwriting Analysis. It seems incredible that you can tell all that from just looking at their handwriting. You can tell if they: With this information, you can know if the relationship is what you want, before you get involved.

But even more important, before your feelings get involved, and it becomes harder to let go. Know from the outset if this can be a satisfying, positive connection.

Hypothesis: There are no significant and concrete differences between the psychodiagnostic assessment of personality through Children's Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) and handwriting analysis.

However, its reliability and effectiveness as a method of assessing personality and behavior is not established and is still a debatable issue.

The Love and Relationship Personality Test With the divorce rate at over 50% in North America, not to mention all the other, less formal relationships that end, it’s pretty obvious that most people need help in identifying the perfect partner.

Which is why I know you’ll have much more satisfying relationships once you can tell: If you are still looking for the right person, you can check each new date out as they appear, saving yourself so much time and heartache.

You’ll learn to identify the danger traits, instead of waiting for them to show up later.

Just as an introduction, here are 10 things you’ll find out about your date/s.

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