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Charudatta started acting in Marathi Sangit Nataks (musical plays) right from his schooldays.

He has acted in several plays like Katyar Kaljat Ghusali, Shakuntal, Saubhadra, Sanshay Kallol, Matsyagandha, Lavani Bha lali Abhangala, Atun Kirtan Atun Tamasha, Ithe Oshalala Mrutyu, To Mi Navhech, etc.

In a town where she grew up, with the man she still loves so desperately, Megan must come to terms with their emotional past or find herself leaving once again. but the ending is not clear as to who jess married to! I wouldn't say it was a waste of time reading but I am also wondering if the child is jess! I dislike investing my time in reading a book and the conflict isn't resolved at all. Will not be reading anything else by this author because of this. What's the use in learning about their life before and during the story, if you don't know what happens in the end?

Roquilda I like the story, but MY GOD, what happened to the ending? Veronnica Dolan I liked the story and the characters, but the ending sucked. Good luck with your writingsteffis83I thought the storyline was really good but the ending was too rushed and that made it quite disappointing...

Performed in Ganeshdarshan serial and gave Pravachan for a month on dooordarshan, E tv, Star maza, etc He appeared in various TV shows as guiest performer.

Aphale has done naration on Etv for five years on Ganesh Visarjan. He wrote 'Teerth Vitthal Ksetra Vittal' and performed in that.

The story I read ended as Jess was kissing his bride, but I never got to find out who he married!!! I started writing when I was 6 years old and have been doing it ever since.

The ending was almost like the book wasn't even finished and rushed to throw something in there. Girtree Ramsubhag This book had a great story line but a very poor ending. After leading up to the big ending I still have no Idea who he married. A very nice story, though....nicolene Liked it but I'm not sure about the ending, unless I'm missing a few pages? I've wanted to be a writer for almost as long as I can remember.

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Aphale has carried forward his family's tradition of Kirtan (a form of narration which combines spiritual and social messages with music).

He has performed more than 5000 kirtans in 25 years. He has also performed on several television and channels.

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