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So congenial a person is their quarry that when the Mossad agents finally corner him in the hallway of his apartment house and he begs piteously for his life, they are unable to bring themselves to pull the trigger.

But at length they do, and his blood runs to the ground, mixing there with the milk that seeps from his grocery bags.

I wanted this film to be in memory of them, because they seem to have been forgotten.

Abruptly, their domestic idyll is interrupted by a military summons from on high. The bewildered Avner is chauffeured to Jerusalem by no less an authority than the chief of the Mossad, there to be ushered unceremoniously into a meeting of ranking generals with the prime minister of Israel herself, Golda Meir (Lynn Cohen).

Spielberg has for many years given vague answers or even outright denied that he intended to tie magazine, which is headquartered in New York City, he said something like (his remarks appear only in paraphrase), “Had to show them.

They existed at a historical moment in the mid-’70s.” The author of the interview, Richard Schickel, reflected, “Maybe there is, as Spielberg insists, no resonance between the fate of the Towers’ victims and the fate of a few athletes.” The implication that the lingering appearance of the Twin Towers in the very last image of the film is a coincidence is absurd.

It’s about the struggle to maintain some bedrock morality while engaging in immorality.” Going beyond Goldberg is Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, for whom shows, “with respect and understanding, . We enter the warm and loving home of the movie’s central character, Avner Kauffman (Eric Bana), a strapping, youthful, sensitive agent of the Mossad, happily ensconced with his pregnant and extremely fetching wife.They have been tasked with finding the whereabouts of the eleven planners of the Munich massacre, hunting them down one by one, and killing them.If possible, the operation should be carried out in a highly visible manner—bombs are better than bullets—in order to send a message: Palestinians will pay a stiff price for killing Jews. He is accompanied by Hans (Hanns Zischler), a skilled document forger; Robert (Mathieu Kassovitz), a bombmaker; Carl (Ciaran Hinds), who handles cleanup; and Steve (Daniel Craig), a South African Jew and experienced getaway driver., which accuses Israel of perpetuating a cycle of violence by hunting down and assassinating the radical Palestinian perpetrators of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, ends with an unmistakable reference to 9/11.The very last shot of the film is a lingering image of the Twin Towers, seen in the distance.

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