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Putin likes to present himself as a nature lover and he enjoys these PR stunts, which have generally gone over well with the majority of the Russian population -- until last year, that is.

Researchers gather information on the ground in their country or area – information that in many cases could not be gathered remotely.

These researchers are drawn from the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC)’s campaigning coalition and from other elements of civil society, including journalists, academics, and research institutions.* The Americas Paul Hannon (Canada), Mark Hiznay (United States), Jesús Martínez (El Salvador), Camilo Ernesto Serna Villegas (Colombia) East and South Asia & the Pacific Vidya Abhayagunawardena (Sri Lanka), Purna Shova Chitrakar (Nepal), Denise Coghlan (Cambodia), Raza Shah Khan (Pakistan), Islam Mohammadi (Afghanistan), Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan (Myanmar/Burma), Jjuya Kim (Korea, South) Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia Marija Breber (Croatia), Muteber Öğreten (Turkey), Jelena Vicentic (Serbia) Middle East & North Africa Farzana Mursal Alizada (Iran), Gaici Nah Bachir (Western Sahara), Aisha Saeed Nalya Mohamed (Yemen), Jennifer Reeves (Libya, Syria), Ayman Sorour (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabis, United Arab Emirates) Sub-Saharan Africa Dahir Abdirahman (Somalia), Geoffrey Duke (South Sudan), Mamady Gassama (Senegal), Bekele Gonfa (Ethiopia), Ania Kudarewska (Angola), Francky Miantuala (Congo, Democratic Republic of), Margaret Arach Orech (Uganda), Ayman Sorour (Mauritania) *The Monitor acknowledges the contributions of the Mine Action Review ( which has conducted the mine action research in 2017, including on survey and clearance, and shared all its resulting landmine and cluster munition reports with the Monitor.

As loudspeakers played the recorded call of a mother crane, Putin lifted off and a group of orphaned young cranes followed, allowing the aircraft to lead them south toward their winter habitat.

In other words, Russia's strongman placed himself at the lead of a flock of white Siberian cranes, birds that the region's original inhabitants revere as gods, a reporter at Russian government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta noted. Just as autumn's arrival sends flocks of migratory birds flying south to warmer climes each year, concerns over Putin's image have driven the Kremlin's PR strategists out into nature once more.

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