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The merged public safety force responses increased 5 percent to 5,322 for police service calls in 2010. Out of 386 calls, actual fires comprised a small number, with only five reported monetary losses of 0 or more.In 2009 Grosse Pointe arranged with a transportation company to provide ambulance service, thus, adding medic and advanced life support units.Disaster planning; emergency preparedness; public demand; local control, efficiency, and effectiveness; and anticipated public safety issues constitute key considerations.Local governments must evaluate their ability to pay for services, potential stressors of the system, and the community’s history of natural disasters.Public safety consolidation unites police, fire, and emergency medical services into a single unit.

Nazi bombings of London forced the nationalization and separation of law enforcement from fire protection.Public safety consolidation continued for centuries throughout Europe.Today partial consolidations exist, while fully integrated services remain scarce.Today Michigan has more consolidated departments than any other state.It provides organizational models across the United States and to foreign countries.

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Germany and Japan maintained united services throughout the war, after which the allies deemed it undesirable to have police officers working as firefighters and subsequently separated the two.

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