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Teresa says she is not sure who to believe, her friend of over twenty years,or Danielle who she has been hanging out with for the past three months. Then Margaret points out that Danielle has no reason to lie.

Margaret doesn’t know either of the women well enough to even offer an opinion. Siggy is already getting heated and Dolores is not even there yet. Siggy explains to Joe why they are pissed at those two.

The other night Jac was posting about how sad it was that the ratings fell flat this season when they worked so hard last season to get them up. Joe wants everyone to give their sincere feedback on each dish. Teresa and Melissa are making a big deal out of Frank moving back in with Dolores. Why are these women so consumed with everyone else’s personal business. Danielle quickly tries to rally Teresa to her side before Dolores gets there. At the party Danielle said basically that Teresa should be leery of Dolores because she told her that “Teresa has no friendships that mean more to her than money.” These two statements are completely different.

Teresa comes over and pulls Dolores away from Danielle and escorts her to the door. At one point she says something like what do I know, I am not the mom, but when you were away, Dad was very strict. She says that Siggy needs to let Josh go where he needs to go.We had rules And Milania in particular needs structure. Joe and Melissa stop by Teresa’s house and over a bottle of wine discuss Teresa’s comments at the pizzeria.When David takes Dolores to dinner, he buys a dinner for Frank and Frankie for Dolores to take home to them.Dolores tells Frank about Danielle telling Teresa that she said that Teresa doesn’t care about any friendship over money.

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Teresa says that Dolores will just say whatever Siggy thinks. The second one says that Teresa would sell out her friends for money.

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