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continue reading » Ai, Mai, Mii, und Ponoka-sempai müssen gegen böse Außerirdische kämpfen, die die Erde zerstören wollen, sich in Turnieren gegen andere Konkurrenten behaupten und mit noch vielen anderen kuriosen Situationen klarkommen, wenn sie mal gerade nicht Mangas zeichnen.…

Today in Things Jimmy John’s Never Imagined It Would Officially Deny in a Press Statement: There’s a picture going around the internet this week of an angler posing buck naked on top of a shark he’s just killed.

For the period, the print is very large, which has probably contributed to the small number of surviving impressions — it is clear from the worn state of the plate in many impressions that large numbers, probably running into the hundreds, were printed of the second state.

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It lacks the good things about profiles but match via freshly wants to be with the other as part of a group of people.

Where is the humour in humiliating slaughtered animals?

probably dating from 1465–1475, is an engraving by the Florentine goldsmith and sculptor Antonio del Pollaiuolo which is one of the most significant old master prints of the Italian Renaissance.

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