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Tensai Bakabon breaks free of adventure game boundaries, as well.

The aforementioned sewers bring in platforming elements.

Then walk back into the bar, drink a beer, and the bartender will inform you that to get to the sewer system, you must jump on the manhole cover three times for them to open.

I really can’t say whether any of these strange occurrences would appear in the anime/manga, but they kept me entertained for the duration, which is more than I can say about games that I actually understand. This origin was alluded to a few times later in that series but never explored in further detail; we only...― Maids have waxed and waned in popularity over the years but they've never completely disappeared.There was a time when maid anime ruled the roost and battle maids were just another type within the very popular character trope.After Bakabon’s Papa – an insane angry buffoon – grew in popularity, however, the focus of the series turned to him, just like “The Simpsons” did with Homer.Then there’s Hajime-chan, Bakabon’s genius younger brother standing in for Lisa and Bakabon’s Mama, the ever loving, supportive mother in charge of the crazy clan in place of Marge (my analogy doesn’t play out with Maggie, unfortunately).

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