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Artania remains one of the strongest continents in terms of economy and social order, it is widely considered the model of governance as many governments including the historical Holy Luthori Empire reside on Artania.

From 2600 until 2609 party was also known as Rutanian Republican Democratic Forum, just to reflect this "republican" part of program.

New republicanism, as named by Castelli, represents a combination of economic and social liberalism, with strong emphasis on socialist views, radicalism, corporatism and conservativism.

While some argue it is "a strange combination ment only to bring Castelli to power", other think that it is a right path for Rutania and for RDF.

There were also two political factions inside RDF which support(ed) new republicanism: Group of Conservative Social Liberals and RDF Republican Council.

New republicanism supports "government of the people" (res publica), but insist on dominant role of the state and social responsibility, thereby redefining the term "republicanism" (hence "new" republicanism).

The Great Central Valley as it is known is what provides fertile soil in Dundorf, a small chain of mountains blocks Rutania and Dundorf from each other, this is another part of the Black Mountain Chain and is known as the Artani Mountains, named after the continent.

New republicans put emphasis on education and science and consider them vital for the state.

In recent years Dorvik has risen to become an integral component of the Artanian continent, having pushed a large movement to building the Artanian Union, an organization that was founded in October 3284 and remains to this day.

Despite many movements to end the Artanian Union, it remains one of the longest lasting continental unions to date and continues on despite losing members every 10 or so years.

The River is over 4,000 kilometers long and serves as the only navigable water route to the center-north of the continent.

The largest and most prominent mountain's are the Black Mountain Chain which run from the north of Rutania, splits Aloria and Kirlawa, split's the Dorvish regions of Largonia and Miktar and ends in the southern portion of the Dorvish region Kordusia.

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